St Mary’s playing field survey – the results are in!

A big thank you to everyone who completed the survey about improvements at St Mary’s. We had 277 responses, sharing views on the different options, lots of comments, ideas and enthusiasm.

Headline results

Respondents were asked to select their first and second choices from the three outline options. The three options were:
1 – full sized football – low cost and time to deliver
2 – sports and play – medium cost and time to deliver
3 – fun for all – high cost and time to deliver

The most popular first choice was option 2 – sports and play

Option – first choice Quantity
2 – sports and play 44.8%
3 – fun for all 36.8%
1 – full sized football 18.4%

This was closely followed by option 3 – fun for all, with option 1 – full sized football – in third place.

Option 2 was also the most popular second choice, with 43.7%, followed by option 3 with 39.7% and option 1 with 16.6%.

You read the full survey report here 202307 St Marys survey results report or:

• In the village Facebook Group
• Copies in the village shop – have a read with a cuppa!

What will happen next?
Using the results of this survey, the Rec Group is developing a final plan for improvements at St Mary’s field. This will go to the Parish Council for consideration in September.
Once a plan is approved by the Parish Council, we’ll hold an open meeting in the village hall to show the plans and information about next steps.
We’ll then need to apply for funding to start bringing the plans to life. This will take time, but we’ll aim to start some improvements as soon as possible, with more to follow over time as funds are raised.
We’ll also share updates here in the newsletter and on Facebook.

How can I help?
If you can spare even a little time to help with this exciting project for our fantastic village, we’d love to hear from you! Please email

Steeple Ashton Parish Council